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CPOL Resume Builder – Hints and Tips

Military to Civilian Resume

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When it comes to building a good resume there are certain tips that will help you take advantage of the freely available CPOL resume builder. If you are hoping to build a solid CPOL resume, then these tips will help you.

The CPOL Employment page offers you the option of filling in a worksheet or pasting your own resume into the website. It might beneficial for you to use the worksheets they provide.

The key to finding a good job with the CPOL Employment website is a resume that not only reads better than the other applicants, but one that is tailored for the job that you are applying for. You need to use several keywords that will help the employer notice your qualifications and skills.

The CPOL Resume Builder uses a powerful method called the RESUMIX to detect your skills and match them to the right job position.

This CPOL Resume Builder Guide Comes with Useful CPOL Resume Tips

This system only allows one resume per person. So that means you have to make your CPOL resume count. It is important that you include important information like your job skills, education, and experience that could be valuable for a civilian job with the military. You should always include your own military service record and if your spouse is in the military, put in that information. You want to include all relevant skills that will comply with the job positions that you are applying for in order for the employer to receive your resume.

CPOL resume builder tips include avoid unnecessary information in CPOL resume

Since the CPOL resume builder only allows you to put in so many characters do not include things that are not important. You do not want to waste valuable space with things that are not important to a job position. The best thing to do is use five to seven keywords that describe what you are looking for in a job and what you are able to do. Remember that if you do not get the job position that you are interested in, you can update your resume at any time. When you are able to find a job that you like, then use the RESUMIX to change some of your keywords to suit a new job opening. Perhaps, the new job position might want a team leader and you have the necessary job experience but did not include this information on the resume, just change the resume to include this information.

More CPOL resume builder tips

Many times people have had special training for certain pieces of equipment which you might not have included in your CPOL Resume but a job position comes along that needs a person who can operate that particular piece of equipment. Then, you should change your resume to cover your job training and experience. Other times, your educational background might have been in accounting. However, you did take courses in business administration. You need to include this information in your resume. These are examples of the things that you need to include in your CPOL Resume.

Make changes to your CPOL Resume

It is not always easy to include all of your experiences and education when first doing a resume but with the RESUMIX system, you can make changes whenever you need. This is one of the most important parts of your CPOL Resume builder because it enables you to apply for different jobs.

About the Author CPOL Employment (Civilian Personnel Online) is a site created by a couple of guys with a personal interest about CPOL. We are not officially affiliated with any other sites, we had been looking for the proper information ourselves and had a difficult time trying to find it. Therefore we decided to detail all the best information and tips and build a website putting this information out there to the general public making their research a bit easier.

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  • J Clements October 30, 2017, 7:44 pm

    I loved the website tips! As a former engineer who built a set of back end utility scripts for Resumix integration at a major international conglomerate, I’ve noticed a few really bad directions the overall “Human Resources ATS” automation has gone.

    EEO information has become a putrid cesspool for each website. Six extra interface screens for racial demographics, disability, gender and service information do not appear to be helpful. They’re there for legal decoration purposes only — much like the banality of privacy policies for website footers. (If we could sue, major ad brokers would be on the unemployment lines for the current political debacle with our anti-social networking global giants from Menlo Park, California.)

    My personal preference is “write once, read many” with a solid document management control system on the back end. Nobody in their right mind designs a private-public system of squirrely ATS HR systems that repeatedly take years off people’s lives keying in the same information while slightly tailoring it to an application. It IS insane.

    Where did that insanity lead us? Fake personnel profiles created by our real enemies outside of the USA and breached State-based databases that house (critical) PII that could expose former military operations from scouring huge caches of data. That’s Nation-State 😉 The former Presidential administration appeared to be “tech savvy” pushing for Czars who really didn’t do a DAMNED thing to get people back to work or shore up security for the American population.

    It was a bad idea to allow corporations to build ATS designed to kick people out of the workforce by information technology disqualification methods. A very bad idea.

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