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Veteran Jobs – 2018 Guide to Getting Federal Employment

Veteran Jobs

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Today’s veterans have a wealth of employment options available to them thanks to the United States military’s effort to keep its operation costs low. Though the United States hopes to cut military spending by becoming more efficient, the military still wants to accomplish its goals. This uncompromising stance on government and military objectives creates many job opportunities for veterans, who are in high demand for a wide variety of work, at home and abroad. Many of the jobs available for veterans are in the form of positions with contractors, either on an ongoing or on a contract-by-contract basis. In addition, there are also a variety of civilian jobs within the various United States military branches, and within the United States Department of Defense, that place a high value on veterans thanks to their unique set of skills, dependability, and their training handing sensitive information.

Who Provides the Best Veteran Jobs?

Many veterans are hired by government contractors. These are private firms, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Space Alliance, Raytheon, or Halliburton. These companies focus on providing government agencies and military branches with products and services that they need in order to complete their objectives. Some of them specialize in creating products that meet government requirements, such as airplanes or ground vehicles. Others sell ready-made products to government agencies. In addition, these companies make a considerable amount of money by providing highly skilled labor forces to the government, and by completing projects on behalf of the United States government. For instance, most of the barracks and military base facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan were constructed and supported by private sector employees provided by any one of a large number of contractor firms. Throughout the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, private contractors provided everything from medical care to kitchen services. Contractors are often used to provide support for technology and equipment when it is deployed abroad, usually are involved in training soldiers and officers to use equipment, and also serve as liaisons between the private sector and a military force. Veterans are highly desired to work in these environments, for a number of reasons. First – because veterans have military experience, they often “fit in” better when working with military personnel. Second, veterans almost always come to the private sector with a large set of skills that are specific to the kinds of environments in which government contractors work. Hence, they require less training than a civilian. Lastly, veterans also usually have some kind of security clearance. This means that while their security clearance is active, veterans can take on a job and begin work much more quickly than a civilian that requires some sort of vetting process before they are granted security clearance.

Does the PMC have Veteran Jobs?

Another lucrative short-term employment opportunity for veterans is working with private military contractors, also known as private military companies. These firms are used by private companies and governments, in order to provide security and protective services, intelligence analysis, logistics support, and more. For instance, these companies often are awarded contracts by multinational corporations to provide body guards and security for company VIPs and employees whenever they are working in politically unstable regions of the world. They are also employed to provide security to sensitive equipment, such as that which you might find in an oilfield. Private military companies also set up security perimeters around company facilities, and might manage incoming and outgoing traffic to these facilities. Veterans are highly desired for working at these companies, because familiarity with combat tactics is a key element of the services that private military contractors provide. Though private military contractor employees do not partake in offensive measures against targets, they do use firepower to protect their employer’s employees and assets. Hence, knowledge of combat situations is a selling point for getting a job at a private military contractor. In addition to providing protective and security services, private military contractors also will be used to provide logistics support – they fly helicopters and run convoys in order to deliver goods and personnel from one place to another. Some even use planes and helicopters to perform surveillance and reconnaissance on behalf of their employers. Others are employed to collect and analyze information, prior to handing it over to their employers (in this case, usually a government agency).

In addition, many civilian employees are employed by the various branches of the United States military. Civilian employees play a crucial role in day to day operations of military forces. For instance, many of the staff that work in military hospitals are civilians. Many of the people that work in offices related to military operations, such as accountants, human resources personnel, and more, are often civilians. Officers at some bases might have civilian secretaries. In addition, a large number of civilians are employed by the military in order to provide active duty personnel with training and technical support. Obviously, military veterans are highly desirable for many of these positions, because of the fact that they’re already familiar with the protocols and other aspects that go along with working for a military branch.

Additionally, there are always a huge number of government jobs available for military veterans, particularly within the United States Department of Defense. The Department of Defense is the parent department of all United States military forces. Excluding the various branches of the military, it is largely composed of civilian employees. These employees work in a very wide range of sectors, but most often work in areas such as research and development, intelligence gathering, intelligence analysis, or procurement and negotiations with private sector contractors and vendors. Veterans are desired by the Department of Defense because of the fact that they are often familiar with the topics, issues, and concerns that the Department of Defense is tasked with handling. Veterans are also familiar with government protocols. In addition, veterans also make viable candidates because of their ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance, which is usually an essential part of taking on even a minor job within the Department of Defense.

If you have any comments or advice about getting veteran jobs then please feel free to leave us a comment below, we are an open sharing community here happy to help in any way we can.

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