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CPOL Employment, Jobs within the Federal Government – Articles and Advice 2013

It\’s often the case that todays job hunters wouldn\’t consider a federal job for many reasons. Sometimes they think that to take a federal job you need to be a bureaucrat a physician or even an FBI agent. This isn\’t the case, and the government regularly offers vacancies in over 400 different sectors to the one point seven million federal employees working all over our great nation.

If you are looking for Federal Jobs information then I\’m pleased to tell you that you have certainly come to the right place. Please enjoy the articles that we have on this subject, by clicking the links below.

Uncle Sam Job Opportunities

There is just no sugarcoating it. The Great Recession is upon us, and if you’re looking for a job, join the club comprised of just over 8 percent (see chart) of the nation’s population currently unemployed and seeking work. In the current job market, help wanted ads are few and far between. Fortunately, the nation’s… [click here for the full article]

Jobs in the Federal Government

Sell Yourself Better when Applying for Jobs in the Federal Government. Like hundreds of thousands of others, the faltering economy is making the task of getting that new job a lot harder, so why not turn to a institution who is actively hiring civilian personnel right now? The federal government is always recruiting, and with… [click here for the full article]

Selling Yourself as a Federal Employee

Here’s some food for thought, although it’s going to be a little tough to swallow. According to a recent Associated Press analysis, the typical pay for the Chief Executive Officer of a public company in 2011 was $9.6 million. Consider this: the average American worker, which makes an estimated income of just over $41,000, would… [click here for the full article]

Government Contract Jobs

As the government budget deficits grow and tax revenues continue to fall, a number of governments (city, state and even the federal government) are desperately looking for ways to cut the costs associated with day to day operation.  Some will cut back on the number of people that they hire. Some will have layoffs. Some… [click here for the full article]