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Medical Jobs in the Military for Civilians

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If you’re trying to find a job and you’d like to support a worthy cause, look no further. You can apply for a position in the United States civilian corps. If you want benefits similar to a military medical career, but you don’t want to worry about deployment, a uniform, or boot camp; then consider a career in the civilian corps. As of now, there are over 3,000 jobs available in the U.S. Army’s MEDCOM (Medical Command); with a high demand for behavioral health professionals.

Now what’s the story with MEDCOM, what are they about? Their goal is to promote, sustain, and enhance a soldier’s health and deliver leading edge health services. They are aiming to develop, train, and equip a medical team that supports all operations. So to reach this goal, in 2008, MEDCOM decided to establish an R&R program in order to enhance their recruiting efforts and hire civilian healthcare professionals that would supplement the already enlisted military staff. They wanted to show they were truly dedicated to improving the access to health care for both the U.S. soldiers and their families. Their recruitment program used to consist of posting on job recruitment sites, however these listings mostly went unseen and unheard of. To solve that, they have full-time career consultants executing plans to increase awareness of the civilian corps. They even launched a website to provide information and receive applications for the Army Medicine Civilian corps.  You can find it at CivilianMedicalJobs.com. Make sure when you apply, that you put the proper keywords in your profile so that your skills and abilities will be properly matched with the job that is right for you.

Career opportunities are situated across the U.S. as well as abroad. A number of new clinics are even being established to meet the increasing medical needs of military families. They need a considerable amount of staff to fill these facilities. Such a career can be rewarding, as well as a notable challenge. The military hospitals provide medical workers with state-of-the-art technology and equipment. You have the ability to work at several different facilities during the course of your career; the entire world is your stage. However, you have the option to work at a single facility for the duration of your health career. One of the key aspects of military hospitals is that they aren’t revenue-based. You won’t have to worry about any insurance or billing situations, which can be quite stressful. Each medical decision is made based on the need of the patient, and nothing else. There are no external forces pressuring a less beneficial decision for anybody in the facility.

There have been several studies and incidences which show that military personnel returning from the war have been damaged in some way, either physically or mentally. The current treatment in place is simply insufficient considering the devastating toll that is laid upon our military personnel. The response should be to offer more readily available and sufficient care to any and every active-duty and retiree, as well as the affected families.The U.S. Army is recognizing the value of early intervention for their soldiers and families. Therefore, a greater number of civilian professionals is necessary in order to strengthen the support for the soldiers and offer them the best care possible. They are looking for civilians to fill in that gap, and you can be one of them. Check out the civilian medical job site, which offers an easy way to view and apply for openings in over 70 locations. You can search by keyword or category and see the benefits explained in detail. Some of the more common jobs include: Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Social Workers, Psychiatric Nurses/Practitioners, Occupational Therapists, and Physical Therapists. However there is a need for other types as well. Usually they seek experienced, qualified professionals who are ready to tackle any challenge thrown at them.

“…there is a need for other types as well. Usually they seek experienced, qualified professionals who are ready to tackle any challenge thrown at them.”

Usually with federal jobs, the benefits are superb. The Civilian Corps is no exception. Salary is rather flexible and a relocation payment is rewarded. You’ll be eligible for some tuition reimbursement as well as paid, state-of-the-art job training. You have the potential to move your career forward and move up the ladder of advancement. With shared health care payments and up to 6 weeks paid vacation with sick leave and paid holidays, as well as a load of other perks; the benefits are pretty solid. You can’t say that about every other job.

So what’s the day-to-day like? You check-in patients, evaluate, diagnose, prescribe, etc. There’s some administrative burden that is beyond that of a private medical practice, however you still don’t have to worry about co-pays and insurance. The technology in the laboratories is constantly evolving; you’re always learning something new. There are electronic medical charts that allow you to access information more easily. There is a multidisciplinary approach that allows you to consult with different departments and consolidate information together. There is a great sense of teamwork, everything is easily accessible, and everyone is friendly. You can walk down the hall and consult a professional in different field in order to gain insight on any topic. Instead of laborious 12+ hour workdays, in the civilian medical corps you work 8 hour days which will give you plenty of free time. You’ll learn a lot from both the job as well as the people that work there.People act as mentors for your learning advancement.  There are various levels of advancement that reward performance. It truly is a healthy, stress-free environment that is nourishing in every way.

Being able to work for your country is another key reason to find a job in the civilian corps. You can get a strong sense of patriotism from serving both active-duty as well as retired soldiers, and their corresponding families. By helping these soldiers you show you care that they fought for your country. To be a part of the freedom effort in another way; now that’s something worth working for. This is a career that is definitely worth looking into.

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