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Civilian Personnel Online – Your Insiders Guide to CPOL

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The United States Army maintains an online employment portal for American citizens that wish to seek out employment as a civilian employee of the United States Army. Civilian employees are not enlisted, and not uniformed personnel. They are employed by the Army in order to carry out key functions that do not require military training. Today, over 330,000 American civilians worldwide are employed by the United States Army.

The Civilian Personnel Online system provides information about appropriate fund and non-appropriated fund jobs available within the United States Army. It has different sections for current Department of the Army employees, a page for persons seeking employment as civilians within the Army, and provides general information to the public.

About the Civilian Personnel Online Portal

The Civilian Personnel Online Portal provides vacancy announcements regarding presently available positions within the Department of the Army.

The portal also provides applicants with tools to construct a resume tailored for applications to positions within the Department of the Army. This resume consists of three primary sections: Employment, Education and Additional Information. Inputting information into this resume format helps the Department of the Army more efficiently consider resumes that are submitted. Throughout the process, the portal will allow you to track the status of your resume. Whenever the resume is submitted, it should include relevant keywords that are applicable to the position that you are applying for. Using keywords and providing relevant information about why you are a qualified candidate for a job helps the resume system work in your favor, by making it easier for interviewers to locate particularly qualified and knowledgeable candidates.

The portal is also quite useful because unlike many job search portals, the Civilian Personnel Online portal makes it simple to cross-compare various job positions, so that you can determine the best fit possible for yourself.

The portal also represents the comprehensive information clearinghouse for individuals seeking information about civilian employment within the Department of the Army. It provides detailed information regarding compensation, labor requirements, reports on civilian employment within the Army, and much more information. The website is intended to make research about civilian employment with the Army an easy, and transparent experience.

What kind of jobs can the Civilian Personnel Online Portal help me find?

Since 1776, the Army has made extensive use of civilian employees in order to help it be more successful. Civilians are used in sectors such as medicine, information technology, diplomacy, human resources, international relations, budget and finance, engineering, and many more professional areas. Civilians are generally employed because they have education credentials or have been trained in certain skill sets that are different from those that most uniformed personnel would have. Civilians usually work in support roles that help keep Army facilities, operations, and personnel in tip-top shape. Their jobs are generally not directly related to combat roles. For instance, it makes sense for the Army to train vehicle technicians that can repair armored vehicles and helicopters, whether on-base or in the field. On the other hand, it makes little sense for the Army to train business personnel that are skilled in managing relations with parts vendors and managing supply chains. Since there are plenty of instances like this – where certain necessary job functions are completely unrelated to what we might consider the immediate concerns of a military branch – civilians can be quite useful within the Army, and reduce the training burden that the Department of the Army has.

Civilian family members of enlisted personnel are often employed by the United States Army. Civilian family members of regular Army personnel are often employed to work in a number of jobs in and around military bases at home, and abroad. In some cases, hiring for a particular position might favor those with an enlisted service member in their immediate family, given that individuals from military families usually have an easier time integrating with “on base” life and work. In addition, employing the families of Army personnel while they live abroad on assignment is a way to ensure that the spouses of active duty service members are able to supplement their family income while they live in an area where they might otherwise be unable to find work. It also represents a way for spouses and family members to keep their professional skill-sets sharp while living abroad due to their household service member’s assignment abroad (or in a remote part of the United States). However, having a military member in your family is not necessarily a requirement for jobs within the Department of the Army, and a great number of individuals do not have an immediate family member that is currently serving in the Army.

Do I Need Military Experience to get a Civilian Job with the Military?

In addition, it should not be assumed that working for the Army as a civilian requires any kind of prior military experience. Many of the civilians working for the Department of the Army do not have any military training or experience. However, many individuals working within the Army as civilians do have former military experience. In some instances, former military personnel might have a somewhat competitive advantage over individuals that do not  – particularly when a civilian job requires heavy amounts of interaction with uniformed personnel. Yet, many job do not necessarily gain any benefit from being filled by a former military service member. Many military service members choose to seek civilian employment with the army in order to stay close to family and friends. Others might capitalize on security clearances that they have already earned. Whatever the case is, former military personnel are often a good fit for civilian jobs with the army.

The Army always has a number of “contract” jobs available. These are short-term, project-based jobs that focus on immediate concerns or projects that the Army is seeking to address or accomplish. These might be jobs directly arranged with the Army itself, or they may be arranged through a larger contracting firm that then determines how it will provide the necessary labor. Though this is not the traditional means of civilian employment within the Army, it’s an increasingly popular option.

About the Author CPOL Employment (Civilian Personnel Online) is a site created by a couple of guys with a personal interest about CPOL. We are not officially affiliated with any other sites, we had been looking for the proper information ourselves and had a difficult time trying to find it. Therefore we decided to detail all the best information and tips and build a website putting this information out there to the general public making their research a bit easier.

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