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The CPOL FASCLASS System – User Guide

The CPOL FASCLASS System – User Guide post image

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For years now the United States government and military have been working on transferring records and data to an online source. The Now Army-Wide CPOL FASCLASS is finally live! For years departments have struggled getting accurate information sent between each other in an efficient and effective manner. Today we are seeing United States Army placing more data online that is accessible from anywhere in the world therefore allowing the enlisted and civilian personnel to access information in minutes that would normally take days or weeks. With the continual improvements in data transfer and information we are seeing today’s Army allowing individuals to seek out employment positions and employment related information. This employment information such as descriptions are now continually managed and updated therefore taking the guesswork out of trying to find out information about a certain position of employment. For the civilian personnel online program the Army has worked on delivering a standardized system that works to classify job descriptions for the staffing process. This system is known as the CPOL FASCLASS and stands for fully automated system of classification. The system of classification is now used throughout the entire Army.

The CPOL FASCLASS  Is Efficient

The FASCLASS system now maintains and records the records for the civilian personnel operations centers and works to process information as well as expediting classification throughout the whole staffing process. It allows for continual updates as well as the basis for an organized structure therefore allowing individuals to access the information from anywhere online. The CPOL FASCLASS has been set up and design to be user-friendly and to offer online help as well as tutorials to help eliminate confusion that supervisors and civilian personnel often run into. With this system of classification we now have the ability to access information similar to that of an online business or job search.

Using The CPOL FASCLASS System

When analyzing employment positions job description will be similar to that found on the government employment website. With each position of employment that is available you will be able to view the minimum requirements needed for that job. Upon review you will be able to look over the job description and base your resume on if you feel that you would be an asset to that employment position. If you feel that you have what it takes for the job description then you can start the application process in order to gain an employment position. If you are in need of assistance or tips on how to make the application process goes as smoothly as possible then you will want to look into the articles that we have located on this website. There are many different articles that are specifically based on the variables of the CPOL application process. You will find the information that you need such as building your resume and filling out the resume template properly.

And if you have any questions about the CPOL FASCLASS system then feel free to ask them in the comment section located below.

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  • sarah lynch September 9, 2015, 10:53 am

    I work for the Department of the Army as a Employment Readiness Program Manager. I work with transitioning Soldiers and Family Members looking for jobs. Are there Air Force, Navy and Marine equivalents to the Army Fasclass page?
    The detailed position descriptions are excellent resources for resume building.

  • McKinley Belcher October 2, 2017, 7:12 pm

    I cannot find the positon description for the job CN -0301- 53

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