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The Civilian Personnel Online (CPOL) Employment provides job listings which are often listed by vacancy title and geographical location (generally by State). One of the main functions of the site is to complete and store your CPOL resume. Once you have submitted your resume, your skills and details will be searchable by departments who are looking for new employees. It\’s important to note that you can only save one version of your resume within the system, so when tailoring your resume for particular roles that you are applying for, remember to save a copy of your resume locally. You are free to update your personal information, or add additional information that you think will help enable you to find civilian employment.

Resources to get civilian employment information and CPOL jobs are CPOL resume and official website

The Army Civilian Personnel Online site will ensure that you are kept up to speed on the latest CPOL vacancies as well as upcoming training programs as well as job application information. It is considered one of the best resources when looking for CPOL Employment resources. On the site you will find yourself as part of a very large network which has huge scope for career advancements and new job leads. It has also been said that the working atmosphere in the civilian division of the Army is very friendly and you\’ll really enjoy being challenged in your professional and personal life. Once you apply, of course you will find no discrimination as the Army CPOL is an equal opportunity program.

You should note that you can also apply for a Fellows opportunity through the CPOL website. This position provides you with a 2 year training course at the Texarkana University in Texas, and work placement training for the next three years. You can also earn a Master’s Degree with this program. One of the great benefits of this is that you will be earning a full salary while you are doing the training, as well as all the other benefits associated with working for the Government.

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Applying For Army CPOL Employment thumbnail

Through economic hardships many of us are searching for job stability and security and for that reason many of us are turning the jobs offered by the United States government and military. In this article we will look at applying for Army CPOL employment as well as some useful tips that can help you to… [click here for the full article]

Government Employment

Like many US citizens, the prospect of a new job with better pay, enhanced career path and outstanding benefits seems like a dream come true. It is, but you can make that dream a reality by shifting your career into government employment, or federal employment. You can apply for any open position that you feel… [click here for the full article]

Federal Job Search

It’s as simple as “what” and “where.” While the process to land one of 1.7 million government jobs is highly competitive, searching for one is a simple process, and it starts at www.usajobs.gov. The government is comprised of over 100 different agencies and cabinet bureaus, and each one of them is required to post openings… [click here for the full article]

The CPOL Employment Army Opportunities thumbnail

The CPOL sector for the Army is continually getting new openings for numerous employment positions. The military is continually bringing in more and more contractors in order to assist in fulfilling the many different positions. The continual changes in the roles of contractors lead to new positions being created continually. So this article we will… [click here for the full article]

Air Force Civilian Jobs,

Air Force civilian jobs are available that can provide you with amazing opportunities for employment and career advancement. Military service is not a requirement and there are civilian jobs available for just about every skill set. In an economy that is making jobs difficult to find Air Force Civilian Jobs are like a hidden treasure that can provide you with a high paying career in fields from cook, motor vehicle operator, and packer to more advanced and technical fields like physicists, meteorologists, and engineers. There is truly a little bit of something for everyone which provides an amazing opportunity to choose a more rewarding career path. There are opportunities for advancement and promotion in the Air Force along with a great salary and benefits while working as a civilian. Regardless of your particular skill set there is a job that’s right for you that can truly make a difference.

We Look At Applying For AFPC Civilian Jobs thumbnail

The Air Force’s Personnel Center is a massive employer for civilian individuals such as yourself. Also known as the AFPC or AFCS we see that the Air Force is employing over 180,000 men and women in nearly every conceivable field of employment and all with competitive pay rates. No matter what you have experience in… [click here for the full article]

CPOL Employment

The benefits of CPOL Employment are many and it only makes sense that you only profit by being an employee. The prospect of working for the military as a civilian is a great opportunity. The Fellows Program is a five-year program of training and there is an opportunity to get Master’s Degree that you can… [click here for the full article]

Navy Civilian Jobs

Since 1798, the United States Navy has depended upon civilians to help provide many of the essential services that are necessary to maintain the Navy’s military readiness. Contrary to common belief, it’s extremely common to find civilians working for the United States Navy, both at home and abroad. This is part of a long tradition… [click here for the full article]

Government Contractors

Whenever the government needs a certain kind of item produced, or requires the services of trained professionals in order to carry out certain tasks or accomplishments, government contractors – private companies that specialize in research and development of products made for government purposes, or that provide a specialized labor force for government projects – are… [click here for the full article]


Inside the CPOL Employment website you will find free featured articles, tips and advice as well as useful links – that will be very useful to anyone who is interested in pursuing a civilian military career. The home page includes articles about not only Army civilian jobs but also those with the Air Force, Navy… [click here for the full article]

Army CPOL – Civilian Job Opportunities Without Serving In the Military thumbnail

The Army CPOL is the best place to look for a wide range of jobs if you are a civilian. You don’t need to have active military service to apply for these jobs. Did you know that since 1776 the military has been employing civilians in many wide ranging capacities, from things such as chefs… [click here for the full article]

Navy Civilian Jobs

There are many Navy civilian jobs available that cover a broad range of job skills and careers.  These jobs do not require active duty or reserve service and can be filled by civilians at any time.  With new job openings coming available regularly it is worth looking into to see if any of them will… [click here for the full article]

Defense Contractors

The term “defense contractor” describes an immense array of businesses that provide products and services to government agencies that specialize in various “defense” operations. These departments of government include various branches of a military, intelligence and reconnaissance agencies, and even police departments. Defense contractors either sell products to these agencies, or provide support services that… [click here for the full article]

Military ASVAB Test

Enlisting in the United States Military requires completing an examination called the “Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery”, which is better known by the acronym “ASVAB”. In the military ASVAB test scores are used to determine the personal strengths and knowledge that a candidate has. This helps the Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, or Air Force… [click here for the full article]

Resumix Templates

The United States Army maintains an online employment portal for American citizens that wish to seek out employment as a civilian employee of the United States Army. Civilian employees are not enlisted, and not uniformed personnel. They are employed by the Army in order to carry out key functions that do not require military training… [click here for the full article]

The CPOL FASCLASS System – User Guide thumbnail

For years now the United States government and military have been working on transferring records and data to an online source. The Now Army-Wide CPOL FASCLASS is finally live! For years departments have struggled getting accurate information sent between each other in an efficient and effective manner. Today we are seeing United States Army placing… [click here for the full article]

CPOL Civilian Employment Information and Resources thumbnail

When it comes to finding CPOL Employment, you need to check out their official website. The listings are usually listed by position and by state. You will have the opportunity to fill in your resume, which will put you in their files. When you have placed your resume amongst those who are seeking employment, you… [click here for the full article]

Army Civilian Jobs

Thousands of civilians are hired by the United States Army for managerial and support positions. This is commonly referred to as CPOL and is provided by the military for vacancies all over the world. You will be able to find a job anywhere there is an Army base. The CPOL Employment website offers access to… [click here for the full article]